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In a case that your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol, your fat metabolism stay on hold. Also alcohol inhibits fat burning and therefore we cannot recommend any drinking of alcohol!

Alcohol & body fat


Somebody says that alcohol has no place in a fitness lifestyle. However moderate drinking could be probably healthy. Many studies show that cardiovascular health benefits are associated with moderate beer or wine drinking. Off course, we are talking about very small quantity of wine, such as 1-2dl of wine or one small beer per day. Anyway beware of daily drinking , other way you become a habit on it and that's difficult to break later.

Alcohol has been implicated as a factor that decrease your chance to lose body fat! Alcohol contains a lot of calories without any other positive supplement such as vitamins and so on.. For Ex. only with two beers you become circa 300 calories. One beer every night adds upto 1050 additional calories per week. It means that you can become about 7kilograms of your stomach per year. Mabye therefore somebody call it a beer belly. Other way a non alcoholic swipes (b-e-e-r) has less kilojoules. If you drink, choose quality not quantity! Beware of drinking sugar abundant sweet alcohol liqueurs and coctails such as (200ml) Bailey's lrish Cream - 467 cal., Margarita - 452 cal., Martini - 413 cal., White Russian 360 cal., Black Russian 292 cal., Pina Colada 297 cal. If you are serious about body - belly - fat burning program, you have to reduce consumption at minimum or stop drinking completely.

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