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Ride a bike is not only a great cardio exercise, but also it's a very useful instrument to transport yourself. You can use it daily to move from point A to point B or just make a nice weekend trip in environs. Bike riding probably doesn't target belly fat directly as much as to strengthen muscles of your legs, however it's a powerfull cardio exercise. It means due to bicycling you get your heart rate up and burn calories. If you need to lose weight, the cardio exercise on a regular basis like bicycling, walking, swimming, jogging or aerobic dancing, are necessary.

Bike is a great way to develop muscle, burn fat and improve your cardio-vascular health. Contrary of the swimming , due to bicycle, you'll be burning fat still many hours after the exercise. Not sitting, but standing during bicycling leads to better belly fat burning. For the best way to burn calories, keep your heart rate at circa 70% of your maximum. (your maximum heart rate = 220 minus your age). One hour of bicycling burns about 450 calories.

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