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BELLY-FAT.NET :: music listening

Influence music your life? Of course music influences, you can't say it doesen't. Are you fat ? Music helps relieve the stress of every day life. Music can change attitudes and feelings, also listen the music is psycho-active ..

Music listening & body fat

belly fat - music improve our mood

The fact is that our life, basically, is surrounded by music. The music has power that diffuse through the people around. Music has always been a way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Music helps a person to relax. It also helps to motivate people to do something and therefore we recommend music as a powerful tool if you want to do something better, with your life.

It was also found that background music on cognitive test performance led to improved performance when compared with a control condition (Cockerton, Moore, & Norman, 1997). Jones, M. (2003). You can listen music fast anywhere you want. The music never betrays. The music makes you free from everything and from everybody. "In music you can find all the principles of the universe, harmony and vibration." (Vyrtigo, 2008) If music has a very big impact on larger scale of human population's life, wouldn't it be fair to speculate that it has a similar impact on your life, your body, your mood ?

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