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Drinking large amounts of sweet drink may result in growth problems. Sweet drinks include all fruit juices, flavoured mineral waters and soft drinks such as cola ..

Sweet soft drinks & body fat

soft drinks

Fruit juices contain sugars that are found naturally in fresh fruits and become very concentrated when made into juice. As juice comes from fresh fruit, it’s easy to believe it’s a natural, healthy food, full of vitamins. Yes, probably it's full of vitamins, but full of sugar too. Soft drinks and flavoured mineral water also contain lots of sugar.
[You should look at the informations on the bottle.]

The healthy choice for a common drinking is not to drink large amounts of sweet drinks, but to drink water, especially spring water. Some bottled water is spring water and some is simply municipal tap water. Wherever the water came from, it is generally distilled to make it more pure. For a more informations about pure water click on the tip 15 . BELLY - FAT .NET

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