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nice train trip

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BELLY-FAT.NET :: train trip

Let's take a train trip ..

Train trip & body fat

train trip

Mabye you ask yourself, how could traveling by a train burn fat? Off course ,just traveling hasn't that potency. I try to explain how you could take a nice train trip from your local town, from the place you know very well, to some new territory, where you can see many interesting things. Just look at the map and find some interesting point like mountain or some kind of famous hill, possibly with view-tower and there look for the nearest railway station from where you can start your walking (fat burning) program to your point. Thanks this trip with combination of active walking you'll support reducing your body fat. Mabye for a beautiful moments you should take your camera with. Don't forget to take water for drinking too. This tip to burn fat is probably more practicable during a weekend.

Who knows, mabye your train trip will be as beautiful as the Amtraks train route from Los Angeles to Seattle (The Coast Starlight) You will be able to see nice nature scenery, full of mountains, dense forests, waters etc..

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