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Why swimming ? Swimming is popular for overweight people, for pregnant woman and also for someone, who has some kind of injury and it prevents him/her from putting full weight on a knee or ankle ..

Swim & body fat

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Swimming can easily increase your heart rate and stimulate your muscle activity. Did you know, that swimming uses almost all of your major muscle groups? So, swimming is a healthy activity which can be a regular part of your life. Regular swimming builds endurance, musculatury and fuels the cardio-vascular system. Swimming isn't only a relaxing sport in the summer, it's something that we can enjoy all the year round.

With swimming you probably burn more calories than when you're running, but that's a little bit more complicated. Because after what you get out of the swimming pool, your metabolism stops burning much faster than if you are after jogging etc.. It depends on the temperature of your body. Due to swimming in relative cold water, your body is cooled all the time, so that's why your body does not have to work to cool you down as much after what the exercise finished. Your appetite is stimulated to increase caloric consumption, so many people feel extremely hungry after training in the swimming pool, and may simply replace all the calories they've burned with a large meal. That's wrong, because due to that the lose weight effect is gone. However any form of exercise is good if the alternative is doing nothing.

How many calories can you burn if you swim? That's easy to count. It's a rate of circa 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight. For Example if it takes you 1 hour to swim 1 mile (1 mile is similar to 1,609 meters or 1,760 yards) and you are 200lbs (cca. 90kg) weight. You will be burning about 600 calories in one hour.

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