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BELLY-FAT.NET :: yoga training

Yogism, Yoga is a very old technique, an alternative form of therapy. Enjoy a deep breath of yoga ..

Yoga & body fat


By practicing yoga and psychological meditation, we can reduce stress thus stopping this hormonal chain reaction that causes weight gain. [ for info about another stress relievers read the tip 16 - music or tip 22 - aquarium ] A rigorous yoga practice, yoga eat-style, and observance of yoga principles and lifestyle habits can help you find balance in managing your body weight. Yoga workouts are a good way to improve your lifestyle and burn stored fat.

Some of the yoga poses can stimulate glands to increase their hormonal secretions. The thyroid gland, especially, has a big effect on our weight and is important to take special care. There are several poses, such as the fish pose or the shoulder stand, which are specific for the thyroid gland. To HELP WITH REDUCTION OF BELLY FAT you can try a few poses, for Example, in asanas-yoga, such as pavan muktasana ( Breeze Pose ) and bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose ). A part of asana yoga ,colled dhanurasana helps you with the fat near the stomach. Yoga and other physical activities should be performed on daily basis for a longer time. Regular yoga practice can aid you. Many people can reach a health body weight just with regular yoga practices and right nutritional habits. The frequent practice of this exercise will enable you to understand and know yourself better inside and out. Yoga helps to not only get rid of body fat but also help you with a many health problems and diseases. Yoga has positive influence on sleep, blood pressure, pain, cardiovascular efficiency, weight, energy level, muscular flexibility, respiratory rate, mental concentration, memory, mood, depression, cognitive function, social skills and much more. Yoga reduces anxiety, so can reduce anxious eating. Find your harmony and swallow food with getting satisfaction. Yoga will help you to produce the ideal body structure. With Yoga training you can burn about 240 calories per hour. Finally exercise will improve your mood, you'll be full of endorphins and happiness. Enjoy physical and mental benefits of yogism.

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