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BELLY-FAT.NET :: fast food

Fast food is the food that can be prepared and served very quickly ..

Fast food & body fat

food from fast food isn't very healthy

The plus of fast food restaurants is the fact that they are able to produce burgers and fries constantly, hot and fresh, without waiting for customer orders, and that is why they could serve them immediately. Fast food is often served to the customer in a packaged form for take away, so sometimes the fast food is marked as Take-out food. The menu is mostly very simple. Hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, coffee, and some soft drinks [for more info about soft drinks click on tip 18] , served in disposable paper wrapping.

The problem is that almost all is FRIED and with low quality oils [for more info about oils see the tip 13] and the food is mostly full of oil. That's the reason why this food is not good for people with health and obese problems.

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