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Cardio dance & body fat


Yes! Get your body moving and burn calories with dancing. You can improve your health. High-energy dance can be compared to an intense workout at the gym. For example, aerobic dance workouts are a good way to burn stored fat and improve your physical activity. So ,that's why a dance-based workouts has a growing trend. Even if you are a nonprofessional dancer, you can dance alone. You can stay at home, turn up the tunes and do it yourself. Also you can go to the clubs. Anyway twist, skip, wriggle and jump around until you get your heart rate up. If you feel capable, you can try some active dance like salsa, samba, cha-cha or belly dance, especially to lose lower belly fat. Regulary dancing can improve lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We recommend dance as a cardio-vascular exercise that can be used to reduce body fat. Dance!

And what is the best technique ? Fast song with high energy can bring your body heart rate up, slow song, on the contrary, has a low energy that bring your heart rate down. Due to switching between the high and low heart rate, your body is stimulated to burn calories all the time. Dance daily just a hour to burn about 200-400 cal.

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