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The best exercises to burn fat (calories) are cardio exercises. Running is one of the most famous cardio workouts. Will running really help you lose belly fat?

Running & body fat


Jogging/running is an excellent exercise, because it let you lose body fat from your whole body. How ? Logically, during your cardio exercises your body is staying active and that's the key to get rid of belly fat. If you are staying active, your body is in burning mode. If you can, run, run and one more run every day. Stretch yourself and warm up before you do any kind of workout to don't get hurt. Optimal workout includes running several times a week, each for 30 minutes at least.

Also take care what you daily eat. Turn a diet into your regular eating habit. It will help you support your jogging (belly fat burning program). With time, you will be able to run faster and longer, that's good, but don't increase your distance of longest run and speed of any run by more than cca 15% per week. Also every third weeks leave your training out to help to recover your body. Combine jogging with walking [for more info about walking see the tip 4], change between the hi and low speed of your running. A combination of cardio exercise, good eating habits and some kind of muscle building workouts are the only ways to really lose weight. Add some weights into your workout [for more info about Ab Exercises see the tip 27]

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