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BELLY-FAT.NET :: salads

Why salads? At least, salads are full of vitamins comeing from vegetable. Secondary, the taste of many salads is great ..

Salads & body fat


Salad usually include vegetables (or fruits) such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, cabbage, spring onions, red onions, carrots, celery, olive, lettuce, mushrooms, sweetcorn, beans (Many of them are rich in antioxidants and other healthy biochemicals.) and sometimes with the addition of meat, fish, pasta, cheese, rice, cooked potatoes, hard boiled eggs or other ingredients and dressings.

BELLY-FAT.NET's advice: Stay away from high calorie dressings such as mayo, cheese cream, sour cream. Instead of a high calorie salad dressing, simply add croutons to your salad or replace it with cottage cheese or yogurt to improve the salads taste and lower calorieS. You can also improve the taste with balsamic, olive oil [for more info about olive oil see the tip 13], white wine, plain vinegar or apple vinegar. Also squash a lemon should be tasteful. Spice such as Marjoram, Sage, Garlic, Thyme, Cumin or Tarragon, all of these healthy seasonings are simple ways to change the flavor.

Salad recipes:
Shred two or tree tomatoes and mozarrela cheese, put some salt there, add 2 spoons of balsamic or apple vinegar and 3 spoons of olive oil. Simple, easy, tasteful. Eat with a cereal bread.

As you can read, it's not important if you like greek salad, mixed salad or a tomato salad. Most salads belongs to light-foods category. Body absorb lightfood more quickly than for Ex. meat. So salad is a healthy food. You should eat salads regularly to avoid more calories consumption.

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