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BELLY-FAT.NET :: walking

Walking is one of the best method to lose belly fat ..

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Obese people can walk to lose weight without the risk of initiating or aggravating signs of arthritis or cause joint injury. Best time for walking is probably early morning, but it's not so necessary to know it as to know how long to walk. To be effective in your weight loss strategy you need to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. For a workout that really flattens your belly, stand up and move your feet.

Why does walking work so well? Walking is a form of aerobic exercise which could help you burn deep belly fat, called visceral fat. The visceral fat is hidden deeper inside your tummy and is more dangerous than you think. In the first week walk normally. Just relax. 2-3km are ok. Second week add more minutes and distance. Walk about 45minutes 3-5km. Next week walk 1hour per day and walk 5-6km. Studies show the best ways for walking is to change your speed regulary to take the best efficiency or you become a moderate walking and your burning slow down. Combine walking with jogging, change between the hi and low speed of your walking. In addition, using a pedometer (movement monitoring devise) to determine how many steps you take, can help you make sure you're getting enough activity. Walk 3-6mile per day is enough to stay at a healthy weight.

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