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walking the dog

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BELLY-FAT.NET :: walking the dog

For most people, walking is an every day activity, so walk the dog is like you have your fitness trener always with ..

Dog walking & body fat

walking the dog

Dog is a great way to burn fat. Whenever your new pet wants to go out, you can’t argue. Thru a fast 25 minutes walk you are able to burn 110* calories. If you have read the article about diet pills, you know, without any form of exercise, you cannot lose belly fat healthy and forever. You should start somewhere and this is a great opportunity, even if it’s just walking the dog.

You can enjoy this kind of workout because you won’t even feel like you're exercising. Plus you can meet a new friends out there [for more info about find a friend see the tip 12]. Walking the dog through the park is ideal form of exercise to not only burn calories, but also to release stress after your hard day.* Walking is one of the best ways to burn fat. No metter if you walk the dog, take a walk in the park or you just walk regullary to your work, you’ll find that you are getting an aerobic workout. Soon you’ll be able to go faster and go further.

*Of course it depends on your pet and its activity too ;o)

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